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Elder Protective Services can often be a challenging job that at times requires working slowly and patiently with a client and other times where it is an extreme crisis and needs immediate attention. Erin has shown expertise working in both extremes and everything in between. Erin is a pleasure to work with! She responds immediately to the client and family. She will assess and accommodate their needs and their time frames. If a client needs time to think about if she wants to move and wants to see many places, Erin will accommodate. On top of all that, she always communicates well and works collaboratively.

Harlee Nason, LCSW

My Mother and I had the pleasure of working with Erin as we made the very difficult decision to place my Dad in a memory impaired assisted living facility. As you can imagine this was an emotional painful process. Erin was understanding , sympathetic and truly kind in our process. She was available any time to us for questions or concerns.

Kathy B.

Erin was very pleasant to deal with, she listened to our needs and was prompt with her advice. She was experienced and knowledgeable in her field. She provided a pre-vetted list instead of us dealing with dozens of options.

Anne K.